'Reach Grow' series: "Green" 

8 x 8”


polymer, pastel, 23k. gold leaf, 24k. gold-plated bead, emerald adventurine beads, glass beads, 18k. gold-filled headpins

mounted on wooden canvas (wax resist and acrylic paint)

wire hanger in back



In this piece, I wanted to explore the parallel of growth in plants and in humans. This figure is a mixture of botanical synthesis but also echos a mystic part of ourselves. Is the plant growing into a human? or is the human transforming into a plant? 



In this series, I wanted to explore the idea that we become mature by reaching and growing. Each of the figures in the series are not fully formed humans yet, but there is growth, and the figures are reaching out in order to pull more of themselves into existence.


to see the full series, go to the 'Gallery' section

SOLD 'Reach Grow' series: "Green"


    ©2018  Christi Friesen

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