Mystery Specimen: Espcape #99

price $90


This specimen was originally part of the Excretum Collection in Oxsham University before it escaped. Exact details of the site and details of the original containment are uncertain. After it's re-capture, it became part of the Scurra Foundation Exhibition of the Unusual and Profound, where it went missing in the first week. For a complete list of all the places it has escaped from, please contact the Mystery Specimen Overseer General via morse code at any telegraph office, nationwide. Ask for Myrtle. 

notes from the field agent: 

Unavailable, exact details of original capture unknown. This note fragement is the earliest in the case files:

"ye specimen verily most clever. Rousted about from the casement cupboard and forsooth did purloined 10 shilling sixpence from my waistcoat betimes!"


Specimen comes in a shatter-proof container. Ooops. Dang. 

Mystery Specimen: Espcape #99


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