"Brother Raven Protects His Garden of Illusions"


"8" x 5" x 5"
polymer over forms, pastel, Swarovski crystals
articulated, removable Raven figure
I'm starting to explore mythological/phsycological themes. I am fascinated by how mythology has always been a way for humans to explore those deepest secrets and most common experiences we all share.  As I play with this theme, I want to create mythological narrative sculptural pieces that aren't actually any known mythology, but can symbolize something that you would expect to find in a myth. At the same time, I'd like to hint at things that may touch on a human experience.In this piece, I chose a Raven because they symbolize wisdom, but also a sense of the foreboding and possibly sinister. Ravens love shiny things, but have no real use for them. They steal and horde them only because they are intrigued, or amused or maybe greedy... but then, aren't we all? I imagined that this Raven felt himself wise to build a shiny sanctuary in a far away place, safe from those who would steal his sparkling treasure. But at what cost? Is he happy? Or lonely? Is his sanctuary an escape? or a lure to attract others... and for what purpose?I am trying to create a piece that tells a story, but one that the viewer fills in the details to make it personal.

Brother Raven Protects His Garden of Illusions

    ©2018  Christi Friesen

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