new artworks on the way

Hey Diamond Member pals! As you know, this is a year on the road for me. This means no studio time, cuz no studio... but that doesn't mean no creating. Ok sure, less creating, but I still have to make things or my hands will itch or my head will explode, so I fit it in when I can. Like this week. I'm at my sister's house so it's a few wonderful days of catching up and making things before I'm off on the next #christiAGoGo adventure.

So yesterday I loaded up on chocolate and coffee (and chocolate coffee) so I could keep on creating all night if i felt like it. Which I did feel like it!

I spread out my newly created things and partially finished things on a table my sis set up for me and spent a blissful evening making... until the lightening sky told me that dawn was around the corner and I had better get a few hours of sleep. That happens.

Tonight I'll be working on some ghouls and some drawings of cute lil weirdos. What that means for you Diamond Members is DIBS! as you know, your membership (thank you) means I'll try to give you first choice anytime I make something new. It also means you can always opt for a payment plan so you don't

have to chose between art and dinner. You can have both! Oh and get the chocolate cake for desert. It's great. So stay tuned in the next day or two and i'll direct you to a special place to have first choice before I post to the public. I'm thinking the easiest may be a membership-only Facebook page. That seems to work well, but holler if you have a better idea! Thanks my friends.

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