i've been a'doodlin' and a'clayin'

Hi my favorite pals! I really appreciate that you are Diamond Members and have been supporting my artwork! It means so much to me and i'm so delighted to be able to give you first crack at any new stuff i create. So i've been traveling, as you know, and i found myself with a couple free evenings this past week - so out came the drawing supplies and add a little Netflix, and bam! a fun doodle session! I also had a chance to make a few jeweled turtles and heart pendants after hours during my workshops - so all those goodies are ready for you to choose from, if you'd like: I've just uploaded them HERE on the dibs pinterest board.

Just comment on the one(s) you want and i'll take it from there. If you find several you want and need to spread out payments, i can do that, no problemo! On Saturday i'll post what's left on my facebook page for everyone else to pick thru, so please try to get to the pinterest dibs board as soon as you can ;-)


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