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Hi my Diamond Member pals!

I have so much to chat with you about and finally am getting a little time to catch up, so look for a few more blog posts coming your way! As you may know from my facebook posts, things have been momentous in my life since the end of the year, but finally are starting to settle into a "normal" pace... if anything i do can be considered normal. So that means getting around to some updates on new art! which is why you're here. I recently created "Amor Vincit Omnia" a series of hearts as small wall pieces recently. I love hearts and these were a joy to create in the mosaic assemblage style that i've been enamored of lately. If you see one you particularly love, as a Diamond Member, i've created a special coupon code exclusively for you for this series - add DIAMONDHEART to your checkout and you'll get 25% off any of those hearts.

One of the things i'm doing on my #ChristiAGoGo year is to create and sell things along the way. I taught 4 workshops this past weekend in San Diego and one of them was "Golden Gardens". So in addition to the 2 pieces i created as samples for the class, I made 3 more pieces during class that i decided were good enough to keep and finish. I'll be offering them up for sale on my facebook page on Thursday, AFTER you diamond members get first chance at them. If any of you would like one of these, just email or message me and i'll save it for you. They are $35 each which includes US shipping. All are pendants except for the large dragonfly at the bottom which is flat on the back with no hole (i forgot that somehow, so it'll be your problem to figure out what to do with it!).

And finally... stay tuned for my blog letting you know about my sale of artwork coming up soon. I have both small and large pieces that I would prefer to sell instead of packing them up in storage so i'll be getting those up on the "Cool Things" facebook page that we've used before as an auction/sales page - you'll be getting access to all the goodies several days before everyone else of course. One thing that i'll be doing is offering a payment plan to acquire what you want and then take the rest of the year to pay for it a little at a time. Some of you already are doing that with me, but I'll offer it to everyone for this special sale. As always, thanks for your support. I love sharing the joy of creativity with you!

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