Burn Out

dang. should have set the timer.

So it happens to us all every now and then... burn out. Sometimes emotionally or physically, sure, but i mean literally! burning a panful of good polymer stuff.


So i've been staying up late in my studio for the past week, creating the Mystery Specimens that are up on the site now, and last night i thought i'd get one more batch done and ready to upload onto the site in the morning. Finished, whew. Into the oven. As I laid my head down i had that sudden thought - did i set the auto-off timer? But i was sooo tired and the studio is all the way down the hall (not that far, but at 3am it is). Yeah, i set it. I'm sure i did. You know the rest. So once the smoke cleared (ok, there wasn't much of that, but for the sake of drama...) and i got a look at the destruction, i saw that four of them looked kinda cool all burnt. The others, not as much. So the trick is always to keep your cool and think through what to do logically. Eating ice cream also helps of course.

So the 4 interesting ones are now "lava specimens" and pretty darn fun, if you ask me. The rest, well... you'll just have to wait and see what i come up with i guess.

©2018  Christi Friesen

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